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Post-Polio Health (ISSN 1066-5331)

Vol. 30, No. 4, Fall 2014


Let's Clink Our Champagne Glasses!

Sunny Roller, MA, Ann Arbor, Michigan

“We must SEE the delicious beverage – then TASTE the lovely wine – FEEL it on our tongue – SMELL the sweet aroma from
the glass – lastly, we need to use our fifth sense so we ‘clink’
the glasses and HEAR the delightful sound ...”

It’s time for us to have a wonderful party – a celebratory bash – to raise our glasses and communally toast having had polio. Three cheers for polio! We will clink together; then we will drink together!

What! Salute having had polio? Sound crazy? Maybe, but let’s think about it. One of the smartest and healthiest things we might do at this time in our lives is to celebrate the gifts that polio actually gave us – the many wonderful life moments that happened to us because we had polio, not in spite of having had polio.

This is a controversial, highly-charged topic because having had polio was not easy. But for the sake of debate, let’s take a moment to broaden our thinking patterns here beyond the borders of “not easy.” Let us invoke a little more expansive view of our lives, especially when it comes to renewing our personal sense of meaning. Yes, yes. We all want to see polio eradicated worldwide because it kills and paralyzes people. No. No. We would never wish polio on anyone, nor, if we could live life over, would we ever ask to have it again. However … we got it, were disabled by it, suffered and struggled with it, and have been mastering the art of living well with it for decades now.


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