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Post-Polio Health (ISSN 1066-5331)

Vol. 30, No. 2, Spring 2014


Ankle Braces for Post-Polio Leg Pains

Frederick M. Maynard, MD, Chair, PHI Medical Advisory Committee, Marquette, Michigan

Greg Ramme is 52 with a history of mild weakness in his legs since developing vaccine-related paralytic polio in 1964 at age 3. He learned to walk with bilateral long-leg braces and crutches and used them until age 8 when his legs had become strong enough to walk well. After high school he studied mechanics and worked for more than 25 years as a diesel mechanic. He enjoyed many active hobbies, including fishing and hunting, around his home in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

At age 43, he still enjoyed frequent Nordic skiing for 10 to 12 kilometers. When he was 45, Greg developed numbness in his legs over a short period of time and began to notice gradual weakening and pain after exercise of his leg muscles.


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