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Post-Polio Health (ISSN 1066-5331)

Vol. 29, No. 3, Summer 2013

WE'RE STILL HERE! October 6-12, 2013,'RE STILL HERE!
What Having a Disability Taught Me

PHI invites you to participate in its 2013 WERE STILL HERE! campaign during the week of October 6-12 by speaking to students in your local elementary, middle and high schools.

Why would they want to hear from us? What would we want to tell them? What is the purpose of telling an experience or two from our lives? How would we decide what to say?

We want to send the message to our children and youth that having a disability is part of the human experience and that the experience taught us lessons that helped make us successful. We will be reminding them that we all have more in common than we have as differences.


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