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Post-Polio Health (ISSN 1066-5331)

Vol. 29, No. 1, Winter 2013

Research Update

Joan L. Headley, Executive Director, Post-Polio Health International, St. Louis, Missouri,

PHI Announces 2013 Research Award Recipient

Post-Polio Health International (PHI) awarded a $25,000 grant to study the effects of using an innovative machine that has shown early promising results with frail elders and people with various neurologic conditions in pain reduc tion, strengthening and bone density improvement.

The study – Effects of Whole Body Vibration on People with Post-Polio Syndrome – will be led by Carolyn Kelley, PT, DSc, NCS, from Texas Woman’s University, Houston, Texas. Carlos Vallbona, MD, TIRR-Memorial Hermann Rehabilitation & Research, is part of the research team.

Updates from 2011 Recipients

Isabella Schwartz, MD, Head of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Gait Laboratory and Post-Polio Medical Center, Hadassah-Hebrew University Medical Centers, Jerusalem, reports analysis of the data collected from about 195 polio patients is continuing. The team presented,“The Clinical and Demographic Parameters Associated with Developing Post-Polio Syndrome Among Polio Survivors in Jerusalem” at the Ninth Mediterranean Congress of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, Sorrento, Italy, October 2012, and at the recent Israeli Annual Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Congress.

Claire Z. Kalpakjian, PhD, MS, Principal Investigator; Mark J. Ziadeh, MD, Co-Investigator, University of Michigan, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Ann Arbor, Michigan, report on their study, “The Role of Oral Glutathione in Improvement of Health Outcomes among Persons with Late Effects of Poliomyelitis.”


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