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Post-Polio Health (ISSN 1066-5331)

Vol. 16, No. 3, Summer 2000

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Strategies for Management of Arms and Shoulders
Mary Ellen Brown, PT, Danville, California, and
Nancy L. Caverly, OTR/L, Bland, Missouri

PTs and OTs Attend Seminar

Website and Newsletter Content
Joan L. Headley, Executive Director, GINI, Saint Louis, Missouri

Traveling with Mobility Aids
Grace R. Young, MA, OTR, Fresno, California

May Meeting in Warm Springs
Joan L. Headley, Executive Director, GINI, Saint Louis, Missouri

Swiss Community of Interest for the Post-polio Sequelae (SIPS)
Thomas Christian LehmannBuri, MD, Berne, Switzerland

Final Report of Study Funded by the Department of the Army

FDR Statue

Registered to Vote?

Website and Newsletter Content

Joan L. Headley, Executive Director, GINI (

When I go online, I get very irritated when I cannot find the names of the individuals responsible for the content of the websites. We recently added just that information to our site – The same information applies to the content of Polio Network News, so I include an abbreviated version here.

About Us:
Gazette International Networking Institute (GINI) was incorporated as a 501(c)3 (a non-profit) in 1960. GINI also "does business as" International Polio Network and International Ventilator Users Network.

GINI is governed by a Board of Directors:
(President) Martin B. Wice, MD, Medical Director, St. John's Mercy Rehabilitation Center; Linda L. Bieniek, CEAP, LaGrange, Illinois; Penny Chrisler, Saint Louis, Missouri; Judith Raymond Fischer, MSLS, Cypress, California; Jack Genskow, PhD, Springfield, Illinois; Jack Hannaford, Saint Louis, Missouri; Richard Hokamp, Attorney-at-Law, Saint Louis, Missouri; Frederick M. Maynard, MD, Upper Peninsula Medical Center, Marquette, Michigan; Maurice Sonnenberg, New York, New York; Max J. Starkloff, Paraquad, Saint Louis, Missouri; Gertrud Weiss, Rosenheim, Germany; and Mark Zerman, A.G. Edwards and Sons, Inc., Saint Louis, Missouri.

GINI has a paid staff of three: Joan L. Headley, MS, Executive Director; Sheryl R. Rudy; and Maria Gray (updated 2007).

Content of Joan L. Headley oversees the content of the site.
Please send your comments to

The majority of the post-polio information on the website has been published in Polio Network News, edited by Joan L. Headley, or was developed by the Post-Polio Task Force (1997). The Task Force information is updated as needed.

The individuals who write articles and stories for Polio Network News donate their services. The major medical articles are written by health professionals and reviewed by another health professional expert in the topic. For example, James C. Agre, MD, PhD, or Gunnar Grimby, MD, PhD, might review an article about exercise for the survivors of polio. Medical questions and concerns about scope and content are resolved with advice from board members with medical and clinical experience.

The articles are edited so that "people first" language is used. For example, "uses a wheelchair" is used; "wheelchair-bound" is not. Other examples include the preferred use of "person with a disability" (not "handicapped"), and "polio survivor" or "survivor of polio" (not "victim").

The editor screens all materials (including books, videos, CDs, etc.) received and excludes those that are not consistent with GINI's philosophy and those not considered medically sound, of dubious content, or of questionable validity. The content is also nonpartisan and nonsectarian.

Editor: Joan L. Headley, a polio survivor, graduated from Huntington College, Huntington, Indiana, in 1969 with a degree in biology. In 1974, she received her MS in Education from Indiana University, Bloomington. Before joining GINI in 1987, she taught junior high science and high school biology in LaGrange County, Indiana. She has edited Polio Network News for 13 years and Rehabilitation Gazette for 11 years. She has coordinated four of GINI's international conferences and has presented at 40+ meetings. She served as a non-medical member of the Post-Polio Task Force and now serves on the March of Dimes Steering Committee. 

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