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Past Issues of Post-Polio Health,
Listed by Issue and Date (continued)

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Fall 1998, Vol. 14, No. 4
Scoliosis and Seating
Post-Polio Motor Neurons and Units:
What We Know for Sure
Five Ways to Find Peace with One's Self and the World
Sleep-Disordered Breathing and Nocturia
Research Focuses on Barriers to Participation
Health Information
More about Crutches: Ergonomics, Inc., Walk Easy; Edward L. Openshaw
Have You Heard About ...
Readers Write
Post-Polio Bibliography

Summer 1998, Vol. 14, No. 3
Crutches Anyone?
Marriage: A Two-Way Street
Joyce Ann Tepley's Marriage Axioms Involving a Partner with Post-Polio
Living with Polio in the Slovak Republic
Living with Polio in the Czech Republic
The Polio Boxer Story
Sleep and Bladder Health Among Polio Survivors
Readers Write
Have you heard about ...
Post-Polio Biblioography

Spring 1998, Vol. 14, No. 2
Wellness: The Role of the Primary Care Physician
Wellness from Within: The First Step
Wellness for Polio Survivors
What Works: Results and Implications of Post-Polio Clinic Survey
Non-Fatiguing General Conditioning Exercise Program (The 20% Rule)
My Experiences with Progressive Oropharyngeal Dysphagia
Support Group Success: "A remarkable thing happened in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania ..."
The Sitter: A portable device for providing the equivalent of chair arms
Post-Polio Bibliography

Winter 1998, Vol. 14, No. 1
Research Reports: NAPPS Preliminary Data
Gait and Post-Polio
Nutrition and Post-Polio
Polio and Post-Polio in The Netherlands
Polio and Post-Polio in Italy
Research Reports:
Static Magnet Fields – Their Effect in the Control of Pain in Disabled Patients
Honors Received: Canada, Justin Dart, Jr.
Disability on the Air
Post-Polio Bibliography


Fall 1997, Vol. 13, No. 4
EMG: What, Why and Why Not   SPANISH
Aging Polio Survivors and Changing Ventilation Needs
Survival of the UNfittest
The French Post-Polio Support Group
New Post-Polio Services
Post-Polio Bibliography

Summer 1997, Vol. 13, No. 3
Lessons Learned - Future Challenges
Target 2000: Reaching the Goal of Polio Eradication
Self-Help Philosophy: Support Group Success
The Post-Polio Task Force
Preliminary Results
Business Incentives for Making Accommodations
Readers Write
Apparel Research Company Needs Input
Post-Polio Bibliography

Spring 1997, Vol. 13, No. 2
Anesthesia Concerns for the Polio Survivor    ITALIAN
Hints on Conserving Energy
Post-Polio Literature: Update on Quality of Life Project; Post-Polio Research; German Post-Polio Book Published
State Assistive Technology Projects
Universal Design Features in Housing
Readers Write
Take Advantage of Community Access
Post-Polio Bibliography
Post-Polio Research; German Post-Polio Book Published
Universal Design Features in Housing
State Assistive Technology Projects
Readers Write
Take Advantage of Community Access

Winter 1997, Vol. 13, No. 1
Pain in Post-Polio Syndrome
Myofascial Release: Perspective of an Informed Consumer
Therapeutic Touch: A Holistic Nursing Practice
Spotlight on Ireland
Polio and Post-Polio Syndrome in New Zealand
Readers Write
Post-Polio Bibliography
Progressive Report on PBS Documentary


Fall 1996, Vol. 12, No. 4
Managing Your Need in Relationships
Expanding Our Energy Spheres and Sources
Strengthening Our Spirituality
Dogs Can Do What?
Polio Survivor + Service Dog = Success
Self-Help Philosophy: Effect Support Group Facilitators
Readers Write
Post-Polio Bibliography, Projects, Literature, Etc.

Summer 1996, Vol. 12, No. 3
Responding to Loss: A Practical Framework
Disability as a Life Course:
Implications of Early Experiences for Later Coping
Spiritual Response to Traumatic Illness
Self-Help Philosophy: Active Listening
Polio Eradication
Ability for Hire
Readers Write
QMB and SLMB Programs in USA

Spring 1996, Vol. 12, No. 2
Living with Disability: Recognizing the Effects of Non-Polio
Health Problems on Post-Polio Symptoms
Living with Disability: Differentiating Post-Polio Syndrome
from Aging
Living with Disability
Joyce Ann Tepley's Ten Axioms for Living with Polio
Shoe Problems and Solutions
Aquatic Therapy for Polio Survivors
Research to Start in Early Summer
The Brain Bank
Post-Polio Bibliography
FDR Memorial Debate

Winter 1996, Vol. 12, No. 1
New Swallowing Problems in Aging Polio Survivors
Additional Insights
Living with Disability: Approaching Disability as a Life Course - The Theory
The Ramp Project
An Exercise Suitable for All Polio Survivors: The right to vote
Readers Write
Post-Polio Bibliography
WHO Reiterates Support of Oral Polio Vaccine


Fall 1995, Vol. 11, No. 4
Facing Surgery When Breathing Is a Problem:
Scoliosis, Ventilation & Surgery
Considerations Before Surgery
Preparing for Surgery
Dealing with Breast Cancer Surgery
New Breathing Problems in Aging Polio Survivors:
Respiratory Muscle Weakness
Post-Polio Breathing and Sleep Problems
Vignettes of Polio Survivors Using Ventilation Assistance
Panel Recommends New Preferred Polio Schedule for US
Post-Polio Related Research

Summer 1995, Vol. 11, No. 3
The Battle with Bracing, Part II: Choosing an Orthotist
Post-Polio Corrective Surgery: Then and Now
Post-Polio Corrective Spinal Surgery
Measuring Scoliosis Curves
Recovery from Orthopedic Injury
A Summer Plague: Polio and Its Survivors
US Polio Vaccine Policy Under Review

Spring 1995, Vol. 11, No. 2
Coordinating Post-Polio Treatment: You, Your Primary Physician and Your Expectations
The Battle with Bracing (Part I)
New Insights into ALS and the Impact on Post-Polio Research
Input from Polio Survivors Wanted
Disability, Polio and the Late Effects in China
Readers Write

Winter 1995, Vol. 11, No. 1
Defining Post-Polio Problems
Incidence & Prevalence of Post-Polio Problems
Post-Polio Research: The Latest from the Later Life Effects (LLE) Study
From the Archives
Polio Survivors Remember
The World Will Remember

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