Annual Report 2003

Special Acknowledgements

Debbie Hardy, Whittier, California, for being a volunteer editor of Post-Polio Health.

Patty Schwartzman Jenkins and Lauro S. Halstead, MD, for their assistance with our research fund and general fund annual appeals.

Obata Design, Saint Louis, Missouri for the new logo of Post-Polio Health International.

Mary Correia of Slide People, Bakersfield, California, for new slides of Post-Polio Health International.

Lexmark International, Lexington, Kentucky for the Optra C710 color printer.

Justine Craig-Meyer and banners.James Boelter, New York, for assistance with shipping computers donated to PHI.

J.H. Emerson Company for banner for International Ventilator Users Network.

Thomas Fetterman, Inc. ( for banner for Post-Polio Health International.

Emilie Kief, New Mexico (Spanish); Jose Isola, Peru (Spanish); Rolf Kessig, Germany (German); and Anita Molines, France (French) for volunteer translation of PHI publications.


Sponsorships and Grants (*$5,000 and over)
Benjamin S. Gerson Family Foundation
Boeing's Employees Community Fund of California
Edouard Foundation* (restricted for The Research Fund)
J.H. Emerson Company
Passy-Muir, Inc.*
Pulmonetic Systems, Inc.
Respironics, Inc.*
Special People in Need (SPIN)

Matching Funds from
Bank of America
General Motors Foundation
Harris Bank Foundation
Morgan Stanley Annual Appeal Campaign

More than 800** individuals donated to the general fund in 2003.

More than 650 individuals donated to The Research Fund in 2003.

Donors' names are provided upon request (

**PHI converted to a membership organization June 1, 2003. This number represents those who gave an additional donation over their subscription for the first half of the year, and those who gave an additional donation over their membership donation in the second half of the year.

Special thanks to Alma and Herbert Wallace, Cleveland, Ohio, for remembering us in their will. A survivor of polio, Alma retired after 20 yrs of running a travel business. She lived quietly with her husband of 74 years who preceded her in death by just a few months. Their bequest of over $68,000 will ensure the continuation of the work of Post-Polio Health International.

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