Annual Report 2003

Vision ... To lead the worldwide effort to improve the lives of polio survivors and ventilator users.

Mission ... To enhance the lives and independence of polio survivors and home ventilator users through education, advocacy, research and networking.


Message from President of Volunteer Board of Directors

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Message from President of Volunteer Board of Directors

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Dear Members of Post-Polio Health International ...

A high point for this historic organization in 2003 was the change of our name to Post-Polio Health International. We also became an effective membership organization, offering a range of memberships and services.

In addition to our educational efforts and our information and referral work for which we are noted, we partnered with individual donors and a foundation in Chicago to offer financial assistance to eight polio survivors for the purchase of mobility equipment. We acknowledge that many survivors are unable to individually fund their own health care and would ask that others join us in meeting this need by contributing dollars or new equipment.

Our second research grant was wisely used by the researchers at the University of Michigan to study menopause in women with polio. We are proud to announce that our seed money of $25,000 for this groundbreaking research has resulted in a 3-year $450,000 grant to continue the study of women with disabilities and menopause. This time the government-funded grant will target women with spinal cord injury.

Our Medical Advisory Committee collaborated in writing A Statement About Exercise for Survivors of Polio, often a contentious and misunderstood aspect of the late effects of polio. The expert group also offered guidance to the Social Security Administration in writing the new guidelines for "post-polio sequelae." These documents are both readily available on our comprehensive website -

Because all of our activities are focused on education, research, advocacy and the self-empowerment of polio survivors and ventilator users, we strive to continually improve the collaboration with health professionals so both groups can learn from each other. To that end, we have expanded the Medical Advisory and Consumer Advisory Committees.

Like all of our volunteers, the time and effort of these men and women confirm our history of making a difference in people's lives and enable us to work toward a brighter future. Volunteers and contributors like them - and you - are the main reason our work continues - thank you.

To those who have renewed your PHI Membership, welcome back! To those who are new members, we look forward to sharing with you the benefits and resources of our organization. For years, we have acknowledged the satisfaction of working together. We trust you, too, will reap the benefits of mutual empowerment.

I look forward to the future of Post-Polio Health International - again, thanks to our Members and contributors.

With warm regards,
Fred Maynard, MD, President, Volunteer Board of Directors

Continued ..,

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